Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Peace Out Google

While I never received any DMCA notices due to this blog being pretty off the radar, I imagine they would come soon. I lean more towards the side of anti-copyright and don't feel like getting into any legal issues with huge corporations whatsoever. While I don't think all blogs follow this pattern, (and we have all stolen plenty of music from the ones that upload full albums, discographies, ect) my intentions have always been to spread music and discuss it with like-minded heads and to link up, trade, and take over the world. Most of what I've posted is out of print, hard to find, or from the artists/labels. There are plenty of others who have the same intentions and this is the healthiest thing that could happen to music in the age of the internet. Unfortunately Google doesn't realize this, and it's time to move on. I thank all of my readers and listeners, and hope that you will still continue to follow this blog at another location.

Please update your links, RSS feeds, and bookmarks to the new location

Still working on making it look better, although this site was never pretty. All posts and mp3s have been moved over to Wordpress and I hope to get all of my links moved over and functioning by the end of the weekend. Sorry for the inconvenience, but expect big things in the very new future!



Bone C said...

i only found this place last week! thanks for making such a great blog. we all know google are wrong, you wonder how much thought went into it before they started hitting the delete button on people's sites. i will continue to follow this blog wherever it may roam - respect

antimatt said...

dont repeat my mistakes.
learn php before coding the entire site.
dast is still mad at me for the unfinished bits of sandpeoplemusic

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