Thursday, August 27, 2009

Mix Series Vol 3: KOFFI GNATO


Summer is almost over and we are all sad. Won't be long before Lake Michigan is frozen and the elote man's hustle is put on hold. I will start listening to nothing but mopey music and slip on the ice and drop my 40. Koffi Gnato out of Lyons, France isn't too excited about the change in seasons ether, and was nice enough to set Fall off for us with some Congolese Rhumba and Spanish African joints. A different situation than the past volumes, nothing but two turntables and a stack of *gasp* records spun together in a web of squealing guitars, tied off at the end with some of that bass stuff. Let this one seep out of your house to the back porch or stoop and enjoy some palm wine.


2-une nuit au jandeer_cabral
3-orchestre baoba_mi son
4-babadjan_senin manin
5-kouyate sory kandia_minawa
6-bembeya jazz national_dagna
7-Ètoile de dakar_hombre mysteriosoy
8-les ambassadeurs internationaux_wassolon-fÙli
9-dr. nico et l'african fiesta_runeme mama
10-orchestre baobab_jin ma, jin ma
11-super mama djombo_alma beafada
12-balla et ses balladins_paulette
13-myriam makeba_tonados de media noche
14-ras g_soul pulsating
15-high tone_dreadfull bass
16-jackie-o_living it up
17-zimbabwe legit_rhymin' wit the african symphony
18-diplomats of solid sound feat the diplomettes_hurt me so (lack of afro rmx)
19-burial_southern comfort
20-ben sharpa_off the rails
21-flore feat shunda k_the test
22-buraka som sistema_general
23-afrozen orchestra_future afrobeat
25-rossi b and luca_nobody move

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