Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Lookin Ass

DJ Nate - Forgive Me Remix (from ?)

I just noticed XLR8R is the first so far magazine to post anything about DJ Nate. Unfortunately I don't think they know anything we don't already know, but it's good there is some press out there on the kid. My guess if anybody out there owns some of his mixes they aren't sharing them with anyone and listen to them alone in their room with a healthy supply of Amphetamines, which is really rude.


Anonymous said...

This track is wonderful.

taliesin said...

the remix he did of the kayne sample whoooa whoooaa is my fav jame of all time but i lost it when my comp died

Dave Quam said...

Yeah I agree Gavin.

Tally, you mean "can't tell me nothing"? I only have it on imeem i never had an mp3. If you dig that up ever lemme know because that is the joint