Monday, August 17, 2009

It's After the End of the World Mix Series Vol 2: LAMIN FOFANA - FATMATA WAS HERE


Back with another mix to add to the seemingly sluggish collection! I know, things have been a bit slow but that Taliesin mix did a lot of damage. The recovery process has been a long, drawn out one and this episode is just going to screw things up again. I guess the idea to start my own series came about after a few beers and about a million podcasts that I realized took up a great deal of my listening, especially when out and about. Sure, I'm a fan of walks sans headphones especially when you live in a neighborhood where Cumbia is played everywhere, but the EL train's metal-on-metal screech isn't usually so enjoyable. Influenced by wonderful volumes such as Blogariddims, Mad Decent Radio, and Mudd Up!, I felt the need to start my own and provide an outlet for DJs out there to "release" their concoctions in a free online form.

For vol 2 we have Lamin Fofana out of Brooklyn with a very sinister transmission for us all. A very intimate selection of tracks that float down a river of broken bass and eerie late night interference. As much at home in a damp basement party as your house at 3am. This is important to me, as it can be hard to cut up a rug in your bedroom even in Chicago where we have a little more space in our apartments. Big shout outs to Lamin for passing this my way, and be sure to check him out at NEW YORK TROPICAL 9 this Friday if your lucky enough to be in NYC.

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dis wan' today.