Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Awesome Tapes from Morocco

Unknown Moroccan Cassette

Someone over at I Hate Music was nice enough to rip a handful of Moroccan cassettes for us, most of which don't have tons of information. This one in particular is very good, track 12 being my favorite. The "HIGH QUALITY" label on the tape is referring to the music, not the recording but we are fans of shit-fi over here sometimes.

The Others: (Rapidshare Links)

Sawt el Manara

Nass el Ghiwane - Vol 3 and Untitled (2 tapes)
Unknown (Brown Tape)
Nassiriphone ?
Unknown (Pink Tape)

I definitely prefer to have information on these, so if anyone could translate some of the information on these I would owe them for life (the cover pictures are tagged with the mp3s). It's nice to know who I'm listening to, but these are really nice.


Anonymous said...

Hi Dave, DJ UMB here :-)

The Brown one is by ARCHACH.

A roots fusion Berber group of the 70's who followed in the footsteps of Izanzaren, Oudaden & Inrzaf.

Pick up some Inzanzaren from here:

Some Oudaden from here:

Having some trouble identifying some of the others but the silver one "could" be Bnet El Ghiwane but not certain.

Dave Quam said...

dude thanks!!!

Alex said...

Incredible. Been backpacking there 10 years ago, i still have the izanzaren cassette from the Djama et Fnah Market, but never found much more. THANKS! from Alex, Munich, Germany

Quách Đại ka said...

dude you gotta repost these the links are dead and I am sad!

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