Tuesday, August 04, 2009

You Know How I Feel About Uncleanly Reels

Yabby U - Peace (from Beware 1978)

While my favorite Vivian Jackson track is probably Run Come Rally (from the great Jesus Dread collection), this is more summer friendly, less Sodom and Gomorrah talk. It's good for walking around the yard and pulling weeds while your broke ass is trying to earn some money because you can't find a real job. I speak from experience, I played this album non-stop when I used to do yard work for neighbors. While the echo on the sax makes me pretty happy, nearly all Yabby tracks I've heard (and I've got a sizable amount) have a stoned by a lake of fire vibe. Meaning your eyes are heavy, and Duppies appear even more terrifying and evil. The smoke never fully erased the demons in the magnetic tape while this man was in the studio. Make note he often had some of the sickest muddy low ends this side of Zion/The Heart of the Congos.

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