Thursday, August 13, 2009

We Invented the Refix

DJ Master D - Mad Drumz (NGUZUNGUZU Refix 2009)

A killer take on one of the best Bubbling House tracks by LA's Finest. Vocals and tons of strange sounds are added here, providing flesh to the skeleton all percussion track. DJ Master D knew what he was doing with the drums, and NGUZUNGUZU got the sample game on lock. Together it's on some chopped up diva Kuduro tip that makes me smile.

Also, I was told that listening to these guys on hallucinogens is scary as fuck, but in a good way. I figure this track is no exception.


tally said...

this so just earned a spot on my next mix!!!!!

MikeM said...

This one is fire! Takes that nasty but primordial drum spine and cultivates a steamy evolution in a dark swampy pool of melody.

Gnawledge said...

this post was cited in the mp3 history of WILD JACK SALT @

thanks dave!