Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Playing Favorites

Killer Mike - Scared Strait (from "Monster")
Killer Mike - Deuces Wild (from "I Pledge Allegence to The Grind")
Killer Mike - Shot Down (from "Ghetto Extraordinaire")
For a Grammy Award Winning rapper with music in video games Killer doesn't get enough attention. Probably my favorite rapper at the moment both musically as well as in interviews. Somebody that would be a big problem with the right production team. A track from each of his three releases(I think?). Hopefully I.P.A.T.T.G. II comes out in july like its supposed to.

O.V. Wright - Everybody Knows (The River Song)(from VA - "Down & Out")
O.V. Wright - He's My Son(just the same) (from VA - "Down & Out")
O.V. Wright - Lets Straighten it Out (from VA - Soul Sides vol. 2: The Covers)
Certainly THE southern soul dude with a lisp. Dying before he reached 42, Wright was a lot more prolific than it seems. Only a few of his 10 albums are in print or where ever put on cd. Aside from a few best ofs, the only thing thats really in print is a ridiculously expensive Japanese boxset. Maybe thats a sign that more will pop up? The first two cuts here are from the "Down and Out: The Sad Soul of The South" comp on Trikont. "Everybody Knows" is like a broke ass version of Sam Cooke's "A Change Gone Come". The whole Trikont comp is very much worth hearing as well (Johnny Copeland's "Ghetto Child" is on there too). "Lets Straighten it Out" from one of the Soul Sides comps is the backbone of U.G.K's "Quit Hatin' The South". One of the finer examples of ripping someone off.

Bright Light Quartet - Straighten 'Em (from "Southern Journey Vol. 6")
Bright Light Quartet - The Prayer Wheel (from "Southern Journey Vol. 6")
Bright Light Quartet - I'm Tired (from "Southern Journey Vol. 8")
There isn't any info on this group so obviously there's no picture. I don't really enjoy looking at Alan Lomax but he will do. I don't really know what to say about this stuff. I have about 10 tracks from this group, most of which are on the Lomax "Southern Journey" collection. An odd contrast when put next to Fred McDowell and prison field recordings and such. This stuff almost sounds more "modern" for the time it was recorded(1959).

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