Friday, July 04, 2008

Taraabian Nights

I said I would do an African post once a week and sorta fell off with that.  Heres my attempt to get back on it.  This is a comp of Taraab group recordings from I believe the early 80s on John Storm Robert's Original Music Label.  Taraab music is found in east Africa, mainly in Tanzania and Kenya.  The music has a hint of Cairo and Indian music in it.  A pretty odd combination of styles.  Very heavy on vocals.  Drums and Ouds (fretless flutes) and a Tashikoto (a Japanese instrument with a typewriter keyboard like thing to pluck the strings).  No idea how this all happened.  It has gone back to India and influenced their music as well according to this nice article on National Geographic's website.  This was my intro to Original Music and I've been seeking more stuff out because of it.  Thanks to Bill for ripping this from LP!  There is a CD version of this but its way out of print.  I found a discography of the label somewhere but I cannot find it on google again.  Grab the whole album in the link.

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