Wednesday, August 06, 2008

"If 1970s reggae was red, green and gold, then in the next decade it was gold chains"

One of my favorite Jamaican joints in any era really.  A real push in the direction in which Dancehall was to become.  This stuff is almost 25 years old which is kind of crazy.  "Under Me Sleng Teng" was one of  the first computerized/drum machine produced joints from Jamaica in 1985 by Prince Jammy, only being beaten out by Horace Ferguson's "Sensi Addict" from 84.  Funnily enough, it was based off a riff from Eddie Cochran's "Somethin' Else".  The whole two album (Under Me Sensi/Prince Jammy's Computerized Dub) contains some serious Casio gems.  I normally don't put up full albums but I think once in a while I will upload things I can't pick just one track from.

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Jon said...

thanks, man, I'm grabbing this.

in related news, check out the review of the Johnny Osbourne disc here for one of the stupider things you'll ever see in print, especially with people able to factcheck in 5 seconds on the web...