Monday, October 20, 2008

“All My Music is Inspirational"

Young Jeezy - "My President" (ft Nas)

On my way home from school in 2005 I saw a guy with headphones on yelling out the lyrics to "Get Your Mind Right". Later I heard "My Hood" atleast 3 times in a row at a barber shop in south Chicago.  Even if you never hid dope in the mattress, Jeezy's music is a motivational tool, just ask Michael Phelps. A good deal of time has passed since any Jeezy karaoke spottings occured, and Its been three years since "Lets Get it" dropped. The trap house was in need of a new anthem, and "The Inspiration" didn't really provide. Luckily in 2008 Jeezy won the trapper of the year award again (being beaten out by Malice and Pusha T in 2006) and was just in time for another economic crisis as well as an election. Whether or not Jeezy is the right candidate for CHANGE is an issue, he's already claiming his president is black. His dope boy swagger and movie beats are still intact, and this time dudes into politics. Like Juve did with "Get Your Hustle On" after Katrina, Jeezy did with "The Recession" as the stock markets fell. His rapping is at peak performance and he's still your favorite trapper's favorite trapper. Anybody seen the scale?

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