Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Chicago Hip Life Spot #1

Candy Man - Bowotiri Nko (from Yate Akye unknown year)

Made a trip to Uptown yesterday to check out Afrikiko Hair & Fashion Boutique, a Ghanaian barber shop which got attention in the Chicago Reader music section a few weeks ago due to it's wall of Hip Life CDs and African film DVDs. I showed up and was immediately greeted by the employees, interrupting a few of them in the middle of their hair cuts. I brought up the article, which hilariously they had not seen themselves. "Some guy came in here...did you write that article?" A bit lame of the Reader on their part, but the computer/internet stalls adjacent to the barber chairs worked everything out. I was recommended some great CDs from the wall and even got a price break. Real nice people that run the place who even let me preview before I purchased, and left me on my way with a warm goodbye. I will be returning soon, and I recommend any fans of Ghanian Hip Hop to make the trip. Their stock of CDs is about to grow, and more customers will certainly help. So go get a haircut and grab a Hip Life CD on your way out.

Afrikiko Hair and Fashion Boutique
4635 N Broadway (red line Montrose EL stop)

PS, didn't have a camera so I had to steal the Readers picture of the shop after hours (?).

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