Saturday, April 11, 2009

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Apologize for the slowness lately, have been in the process of moving. I am now located on the same side of town as Bad Bad Leroy Brown. Expect lots of Cumbia CD digging this summer. I got a special treat for you all next week, but for now these are some tracks that have been doing me good lately...

DJ Duck and MC Shorty - Where My Old Lady At? (from Where My Old Lady at 12" ?)

I never could find much info on DJ Duck, but the recent plays of this track (that unfortunately cuts off before the end) remind me that it's still one of my favorite Bounce tracks. Also, this definitely should have been on my cheatin' songs mix.

Royal Flush - I Never Made 20 (from 976 Dope 1991)

Pimp C's favorite rap song brought to attention by Bun B. Brilliantly written early Screwston tale of the horrors of the dope game. Hugely influential yet somehow slipped through the cracks, no pun intended.

Schlachthofbronx - Good to Go (from the internets 2009)

My German homies sent me another slow moving Bavarian Bounce track to add to my Beerhall collection. Duppies taking charge at Oktoberfest demanding Rum but all we got is Kolsch.

DJ Mujava - Township Funk (Radioclit Remix) (from Township Funk Remixes 2008)

Never posted about how much I love this motherfucker of a Kwaito track from last year so I guess it's time. The recent Scottie B Baltimore version made me count the number of remixes I had acquired in the last 6 months, which reached an amount more than my fingers could handle. The Rob 3 mix is cool, the TRG is alright, and Scottie holds it down, but those French dudes get my vote for best that's not the original.

Gucci Mane - I'm a Star (from Gangsta Grillz: The Movie 2008)

Sounding desperately out of breath but flawlessly executing a mumble rap track, Gucci Mane rides the thin line between blunted rant and brilliance. Strange pick of the rap music industry to flaunt, just hope he stays out of that rock band shit.

DJ N.K. - MSN Kuduro (from ? 2005)

The fellas over at Ghetto Bassquake hooked it up with this track by Portugal's DJ N.K. that on paper seems like such a bad idea. Really though, it's kind of amazing how PC sounds actually fall together to make a pretty banging Kuduro joint. Nothing more to add really.

Banda Lapada - Danca Da Pirikita (from ? 2007)

Still not sure how I feel about this northern Brazil Techno Brega thing, but this track is pretty interesting. Some tweaker shit right here. I am looking for the Pink Floyd remixes, anyone want to hook me up?


JP said...

dude you gotta repost these the links are dead and I am sad!

Dave Quam said...

OK, ill re-up them later tonight mang

Quách Đại ka said...

dude you gotta repost these the links are dead and I am sad!

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