Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"D.C. Stands for DON'T COME"

"I hate that Go-Go shit"
-Stringer Bell

Backyard Band - Keep it Thoro (from 501 Club Bootleg with Juvenile 1999)

While I have titled this (my version is untagged) after Prodigy's track of the same name, it's more like 5 different songs. The piano loop and trumpet hook from Keep it Thoro vibrate throughout the entire 15 minutes, during which the members cover some pretty Wu-Tang-like area as well as Mos Def and Pharaoh Monch's Oh No. The rapping from all members is brazen, just read the title of this post. No Juve on this one, but on the same bootleg they bring him out for another great version of Project Bitch. I'm gonna go ahead and name this my 3rd favorite BYB recording.

Did anyone know Datpiff has Go Go on it?!

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