Sunday, March 29, 2009

Chicago Cumbia Spot #1

Gina y Lost Fieles - Vuelve, Velve Amorcito (from Dinastia Perea Cumbias Chilenas 1997)

Went for a little stroll around the neighborhood the other night and it turns out I have lived right next to a Latin record store for almost a year now. It's a little joint called Jalisco Discoteca Electronicas located about 4 blocks west of Ashland on Chicago ave, and it's jam packed with an insane selection of Cumbia mixtapes. I almost grabbed some Merengue CDs with crazy naked girl covers but ended up just checking out some Sonidero stuff. Really been digging this track that has pretty similar production to a CD I bought from Kumbala in Brooklyn (includes the intro track on DJ/Rupture's great new K-K-Kumbia mix). It's got this decaying quality to it, like the guitar mics were fucked up. I got to get off my ass and find more places like this here in Second City, and get a Cumbia map going like this NYC one. Apologies for being such a lazy record digger.


Anonymous said...

this hair salon sounds worth hitting up

Best Place to Buy Ethnic Music That’s Not a Record Store


Dave Quam said...

totally checking that out this weekend. Thanks Gram.