Sunday, March 08, 2009

Sabo XLR8R Podcast

Sabo - XLR8R Podcast

I had been subscribed to the XLR8R podcast for a minute now, but it took Vamanos to wake me up from sleepin on this amazing mix from NYC's Sabo, full of banging South American house joints that scream Brazil among other countries down under me. The first time I heard this I was walking around at 2am in my westside neighborhood with cop cars everywhere due to a drive-by shooting that occured about 3 blocks from my house at Ashland and Ohio street. On some west coast shit! I was sure to get questioned, but they must have sensed the funky ass vibes I had as I roamed the streets blaring favela raver music. "That guys alright, he's just feelin the Ghetto Bassquake". Highly recommended stuff right here.

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