Sunday, March 08, 2009

Willing to Pull us Through

Milton Henry - Easy (Im in Love with You) (from Babylon Loot 1987)

As the snow melts and the smells both good and bad of the city seep through my nose I am always reminded of this song that I first remember hearing on the day where it was finally ok to open my window to let the sun shine in my miserably small grim Logan Square apartment room almost 3 years ago. Not a goddamn care in the world enters my mind as I listen to Milton Henry's crooning over somewhat corny production, making this track very dear to me. Maybe my favorite 1980s reggae track for reasons a bit too personal to actually mean a damn. Ether way, Milton's two Wackies albums bring fire to the table that seats synth-based romantic Jamaican songs. Music for being in love walking around in sunny weather with sun glasses on.

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