Friday, May 15, 2009

City of Chocolate

Backyard Band - Lemme See It (from 2-11-02 Bootleg 2002)

Funky-ass UGK Go Go cover. I told you I wasn't done talking about my favorite Washington D.C. band. This one is actually recorded pretty well too, which isn't usually stressed much with the ghetto jam band bootlegs. It's also really not something that I imagine translates well to record (though Creeping Through Da Hoodz sounds pretty correct). Still, I try to pretend like I love Go Go.

Check out Download Go Go for a bunch of 99 cent mp3s and whole albums for sale. So far I have only grabbed After Hours Band's cover of Thriller, which had all these zombies knocking on my door asking directions to Ben's Chili Bowl. It was crazy.

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