Monday, May 18, 2009


Major Lazer - Hold the Line (From Hold the Line 12" 2009)

Just a few quick words on the song that you have already heard and probably blogged about...

Been thinking and listening to Diplo and Switch's Jamaican project for a few weeks now and so far I'm pretty impressed, at least with this track. Everything else I've heard including the remixes have been dodgy, but they don't keep me from returning to the original. Hold the Line touches so much territory, and the other versions take that essential factor away (the Soca one is good though). It's a surf rock band lead by La Monte Young and some asshole in the audience forgot to turn off his cell phone. Forget the wubbly bass of dubstep for some Nokia vibrations, hey I think I just heard a horse say Nehhh. Oh hey Santigold, you can actually rap? Cool, I didn't forget about you, just forgot about your album. I saw Diplo, Mad Decent main man and label drunkard in Portland about 6 years ago when the Hollertronix mix came out, so I'd be wrong to claim his influence hasn't impacted me. I'd be so happy if dude spent more time doing this, less time listening to stupid bands (really dude?). Seriously, if I hear another Devandra Banhart or Animal Collective Cumbia remix I'm going to stop listening to music. That is really NOT COOL. I'm looking for weird Cumbia, not "New Weird Cumbia". Anyways, I'm excited to hear the rest of the Major Lazer album that I hope turns out like this heater, and not all silly like Zumbi (though "I'd rather eat your brains than your pussy" was pretty funny).

I'm on a Megabus heading from Milwaukee to Chicago right now, these things have wireless!


antimatt said...

you calling black moth super rainbow lame?

i think i bought one of their albums once.. i'm pretty sure i wasn't into it. i kept waiting for the drums to come in and they never did. it was like getting your crotch rubbed but they wouldnt unzip your jeans.

Dave Quam said...

no im calling out animal collective, the part where diplo says the band that should get more attention is them. I just saw them on letterman for christsake!

also im just being an asshole

but thats hilarious!