Friday, February 26, 2010

Crawling Similar To An Ant

I.D. and Baobinga - Still Tippin (Hush Up Riddim) (From Bass Music Sessions 2010)

A lot of bassentric rap remixes tend to go in the wrong directions, often so far into the deep end that the low end loses its original purpose. That, and there's almost no point to a lazer bass version of a Gucci track when he's already rapping over such. On paper, these feats might seem like a perfect match for Hip-Hop in this decade, but in reality it's pretty much always bad. Which is why this is at risk of being in the wrong hands especially due to the monumental importance of Still Tippin to the communities that would go on to make such remixes, the people who learned about Houston in 2005. It was a big track to me no doubt, having been collecting Screw tapes for only some time before the single got it's northern exposure. The Hush Up Riddim fits like a glove, and I might be able to picture this outside of a club and inside somebody's car on vogues. Still very much a DJ track, but it retains the original twang without having to use words like "syrupy" or "lean soaked" that are rarely avoided when any Texas references are made. No over the top cut-up techniques exercised here ether, with or without the Paul Wall verse. Lots and lots of delay though. Part of the Bass Music Sessions album, a free release out March 1st that you can read more about here.

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