Friday, February 26, 2010

Harp Strings

Juan B Mora Y Los Indolatinos - Yasy Moroti (from Musicas Rescatadas de Coleccion)

Paraguayan Polka and Gaurania have been staples in my relaxation as of late, for those times when I worry about all the bass I put into my ears and just feel like enjoying a nice couch to lie down on. Polka isn't at all uncommon in Latin America where Germans ect immigrated to, and Paraguay was even a hot spot for war criminals to try and settle after World War II. It was also the location of the first communist experiment (see Nueva Australia?!). The Paraguayan version is way different than the European one, both musically and it makes me want to reach for a good tequila than a stein of beer. Very different melodically and very heavy on the harp, an instrument that dates back to the 16th century in South America. Los Indolatinos are maybe more of Gaurania band, but with plenty of elements of Paraguayan Polka as well. If your interested in hearing more of this stuff, there is plenty to be found here.

Don't be afraid of the word Polka, Schlachthofbronx fans.

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