Thursday, December 18, 2008

All Blurred Out

Salem - Trapdoor (unreleased)

Meth teeth rather than gold teeth, leather pants instead of Evisu jeans, I really don't know the deal behind these weird goth kids aside from being one of the only examples of screwing and chopping working outside the realm of hip hop and soul music. Maybe from Chicago, maybe from Michigan, maybe the love child of Kevin Sheilds and Michael Watts. Hoodgaze on the one hand, Loveless as the world turns slow on the other. This stuff can be found at both Turntable Lab and Rough Trade, which adds more to the headscratching that is Salem. I believe this track is going to, or already is out on their new 7" but I can't find details yet. One of the most enjoyable things to come out of 2008, and the creepiest. Brings Hope for next years David Banner/power electronics band collaboration.

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