Monday, December 29, 2008

African Pearl Necklace

Ensemble Instrumental de Mopti - Ambodejo (from African Pearls Vol. 3 One Day on Radio Mali 2006)

I have fallen off with the African joints, so here is a real monster from Mali. The word radio in the title of this release kind of lowered my expectations as it made me think about the Sublime Frequencies radio discs, which generally are the weaker ones. Luckily Syllart founder Ibrahima Sylla wasn't just turning a dial on this one, which is two cds full of great selections of 50s, 60s, and 70s Malian music. Sylla was born in Mali and is obviously no stranger to the music. Some of the selections are a bit more rock or pop sounding, this track has really strange flutes that give the rest of the instruments air to breathe. There is a vocal ranting similar to the Yaala Yaala Pekos and Yoro Diallos disc and not unlike a more holy version of toasting, The highlight of the collection but such a wide variety is covered here its definitely worth tracking down.

(Oh yeah, I am not positive this is actually a picture of the same group, but there is a good chance it is)

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