Monday, December 29, 2008

Soul Glo Calypso

Bunji Garlin - "Put in the Thing" (from Global 2007)

Trinidad and Tobago's answer to Jamaican Dancehall, the word Soca is literally just the combination of the words soul and calypso, The difference between the lifespan of the two genres is that the early Soca (1980s) that I have is on a roots revolution Marley type tip, where as even in the 80s Dancehall was stricly for the dancehall. Fortunately for us deviants, this track by Soca superstar Bunji Garlin is an absurdly blatant anthem of sexual penetration. This track differs from most Soca I have, being a lot slower and more thumpy, yet not dubby enough for a dancehall riddim. I almost have a feeling this track might have ended up like this to appeal to the other islands in the Carribean, as there have been beefs between Soca and Dancehall/Reggae artists on the music, including Bunji and Jamaican artist I Wayne. Soca is now made all around the Caribbean but doesn't really compete with Jamaica being one of the largest music industries in the world. The "Soca Bhangra" meeting between Bunji and Punjabi Soca artist Shammi is worth hearing too, though it barely makes any sense.

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