Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Best Heard As Shitty Vinyl Rip

Tim Harper - Toxic Waste (Original Mix) from Toxic Waste 12" 1992

There was a lot of experimentation going on in this era of Dance Mania singles. In the middle of the spectrum of House and Juke, right before the word "ghetto" was added, things were brewing. Toxic Waste has the eerie tinny feel similar to a lot of club music at the time, but with a bass line that still exists today, if not a bit slower. Hi-end tambourine and peaking claps cut through a backwards tape loop like a knife while the lows are frozen in time. Many older Ghetto House records assume the role of repetition, but this one borders on minimalism. I'd like to hear Genesis P-Orridge over this.

While we're at it, I can't resist throwing up Ozone from the same 12". Super cheesy epic bedroom synths.

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One of my favourite Dance Mania tracks. Great blog.