Monday, November 30, 2009

People People Still Wanna Cuss Cuss

Cuss Fix Riddim (2009)

Cuss Cuss was first preformed by Lloyd Robinson in 1969 and since has been one of the most versioned riddims in Jamaican history. The 80s Roots Radics version was actually the first early Dancehall song I remember making an impression on me, and I've collected a good deal of performances and alternative mutations since. A lot of my recent Bubbling listening has led me to pay closer attention to current riddims that aren't "Mickey Moused". I'm particularly impressed by this 2009 version, with a new set of claps and some backwards loops that breathe a new life into the 40 year old tune. Almost sounds like the original getting sucked into itself. It's hard to hide the association with old-school roots business, but this brand new fix is face-lift to the original dark theme. I'm honestly not all that impressed with most of the vocal versions, so I just put up the instrumental. Not really sure who I would want to hear over this.


Boima said...

Oh yeah this one. I had this one for a hot second, but was disappointed with the performances as well, so it got chucked pretty quick.

This is my jam tho!

Think it's just straight Cuss Cuss on the riddim tho, and yes now I know it by the bassline. You gotta sing the bassline!

Dave Quam said...

yeah i totally just listen to the instrumental. All the vocals are pretty bad.

I never heard that track before...pretty dope.

this site is funny

you can have fun putting your own cheesy dj sound effects over it. Weird