Thursday, November 26, 2009

Factory Style

Jammin Gerald - Move It (from Factory Trax 12" 1994)
Jammin Gerald - Erk N Jerk (remix) (from Factory Thing 12" 1999)

Hmm, no love for Gerald on here, let's fix that! A series of records on Dance Mania were dedicated to the now defunct Factory club on Chicago's Westside, an important landmark in the history of House music. Jammin Gerald grew up at the right time, and on the right side of town, hence the existence of these tracks. His early records are a great example of the sound of the mid 90s when the bass started getting heavier, made very clear by 1994's Factory Trax. Erk N Jerk is from one of the later releases on DM, though it's mostly updated versions of his older singles. Like he kept the sounds on his MPC all this time, you can actually hear a bunch of samples he used 5 years prior as well as that same cold bass sound Deeon used for Headhunters. Guy was also up on Bmore before anyone else in Chicago, hell probably a lot of people in Baltimore too.

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