Sunday, January 24, 2010


Manara - Miracles 2010

2009 was a great year for the Night Slugs crew that was obvious even if you never showed up to any of their parties. I've never been to London, but the output spawned from last year definitely got me more curious about the sound these guys push for. My awareness of UK Funky borderlines on ignorance, but when seasoned with some familiar territory like these guys tend to do I sink into the mix like a warm bath. Not that I'm afraid to listen to a set that only contains the unknown (quite the opposite), but hearing how well DJ Deeon fits in is exciting to this Chicagoan. Manara hooked it up with a short but sweet fix for the habit, and now we can stay warm inside with headphones. Sure, a hot sweaty club can be relief from the cold, but have you ever gotten drunk and slipped on the ice on your way home? Not fun.


Paula Abdul – Cold Hearted (Dubstramental)
Roska- Gone to a Better Place
Aero Manyelo – My 8 Kids
Aaron Carl – Oasis (Nick Holder Vocal Dub)
DJ Gregory – Klappa
DJ Gazzeto – Cruel 22
Shaun-D – Spanish Fly (Kingdom remix)
Ikonika – Brown Acid remix
Dj Deeon – Freak like Me (Brenmar mix)

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