Sunday, January 17, 2010

"Dominica Soca"

Mr Benji N2O - Fire 2009

A super sick Bouyon track I've been into lately, which is/is like Soca from Dominica usually done by bands (I guess?). I've been happy with Trinidadian production as of late, but some of the synths these cats use are off the chain. They even cover American Hip-Hop tracks, and while not on a funk tip I can't help but think about D.C. Go Go bands doing the same(?!). Pretty fucking cool, and there's a lot of extra energy in this stuff that is hard to achieve in a studio. Mr Benji N2O is the front man of Triple Kay, one of the biggest bands from the island. This one is just crazy, like they were channeling Sun Ra and Hurricane Chris at the same time.

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