Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Space Aged Juking

DJ Puff - Real Pimpin (from DJ Deeon Presents: DJ Puff - Lime Green 12" 1996)

DJ Puff put out two 12"s under the wings of Deeon in the 90s and nothing else which makes me believe it could have just been a fake moniker or his imaginary friend. I really don't like joking about these things though, because in some cases there's a reason why the discography just stops. Like the AJ Mcghee track I brought up a few weeks ago, this is a meeting between Ghetto House and southern Rap. Legendary Memphis duo 8 Ball and MJG get the Dance Mania treatment that I wish more on the bottom of the map would. And I don't mean Wayne or Gucci like you hear on the radio here, I wanna hear Pimp C shouting anthems fragmented by claps.

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