Monday, January 04, 2010

Llet Ot Tog Ev'i, Yrots Elttil A S'ereh Won

Pappawheeli - Paul Revealed (Paul Revere Instrumental Backwards Un-masking)

Maybe it's my love for a lot of things Music Concret, perhaps it's just hanging around DJs but I can be a sucker for music sped up, slowed down, and even backwards. If this wasn't already obvious then I'll admit listening to Rihanna backmasked quite a few times. Miami Bass historian Pappawheeli flipped the Beastie's Paul Revere to unveil proto-Miami Bass from 1986 in the form of reversed white boy Rap, a bit different than how I remember hearing one of my first Hip-Hop songs. Played forwards it's already got the silence gaps and stop-and-start patterns that a lot of Electro tracks since Afrika Bambataa tended to have, but reversed it has even more hiss to the cymbals. That year was a pretty big one for the genre's predecessors, and this wasn't even able to influence those without the mechanism to play it at the speed that secret messages can be heard and therefore maybe a bit irrelevant and mostly for novelty enjoyment. I mean I'd be pretty psyched if a song played backwards sparked a highly influential musical movement, but hey we're in a new decade that will give us the Easy-Bake-Oven of screwed and chopped and backmasking machines via iPhone apps.

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