Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Before They Were Trapstars Part 1

Lil J aka Young Young Jeezy - Haters ft Lil Jon (from Thuggin Under the Influence 2001)

Another installment of the ongoing chronicles of rappers before they had blue lambos and black presidents. We started with pre-teen Weezy a few weeks ago and in honor of the inauguration I figured Jeezy was appropriate. Not always know as Jeezy, Lil Jay was the moniker pre-Boyz in the Hood that appeared on his first two street albums which independantly sold pretty well. It's pretty amazing how different he was before the days of movie beats, make note of his odd country rap tunes with Mystikalesque turrets outburts. To compliment the spaz attacks Lil Jon is on board for some of the production and raps/yells on this track I put up. Young jeezy can be a particularly good rapper, he takes after De La by rhyming pineapple with pineapple and remains one of the streets best motivational speakers. His problems come with trying to make the unepic moments epic by hiding behind big loud midi orchestras that sometimes overshine his abilities as a rapper. It's interesting here to see the results when he's matched up with a whole different set of drum patterns, even if hes nowhere near the lyricist he is today.

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