Thursday, January 29, 2009

Trimothy Leary

Trim - Where I'm Ere(Screwed and Chopped) (from Soulfood vol 1 2007)

A bit behind on this one but I don't give a fuck it rules.

Trim aka Trimothy aka Trimbal aka Taliban aka hard rapper to google gets the codeine treatment from Radioclit. Not the standard screw tape phaser sound, but Trim sounding equally scary over the crazy accordion and ghost sounds concoction that Roll Deep cooked up. Dude is brazen and probably has more beef in London than anybody.

Inspired by this song I have been putting together a mix of all my favorite slowed down oddities in my collection. Lots of screwed up oldies, classic Houston joints and some total oddballs.

In other Grime news that I'm late on, that Gang Gang Dance and Tichny Stryder song is fucking terrible.

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