Sunday, January 25, 2009

The Ski Mask Way

Disco D - Keys to The Whip (from Booty Bar Anthem 12")

It is rumored that Disco D was making people fuck on the dancefloor before he had even had his own cherry popped. The frontman for Ghetto Tech, he put out dozens of 12"s on his own as well as producing and remixing 50 Cent, Pharrell, Dj Slugo, and 8ball & MJG. In any format, "If the music makes the girls want to take off their panties at the end of the night, then you know that the music was good" was the D standard. Strange pitched up Metroplex sounding techno dragged through the Brewster-Douglass homes by some skinny jewish kid. A pioneering force in the corruption of house music and a grammy nominated producer working with rappers, Brazilians and TV jingles, Disco's mental health caught up with him late in his career. Detroit lost a good one in 2007 when D was found in his NYC apartment with a belt around his neck at only 26 years old, who had suffered from Bi-Polar Disorder all his life. It would be rude of me not to mention Disco with all of the Ghetto House I have been enjoying lately, so here's 2002s gold digger anthem.

RIP my friend (1980-2007)

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