Monday, April 19, 2010

Footwork Flicks

I took some shots of the Sunday night Battlegroundz crew that you can check out on my flickr "Footwork" set. It translates pretty poorly to photos, but I tried. Not having a good flash doesn't make it much easier either. Keep checking it for more attempts in the future.


antimatt said...

cool to see some of the subcultures.
what lenses do you have? I always hate trying to shoot indoor action with a flash. and ceilings too high to bounce.

Dave Quam said...

yeah it was hard, and I only have a built in flash on my d60. I gotta get a better one.

I have a 50-80mm standard, and I also have a i think 90-200mm zoom lens. I really never shot action stuff before but maybe I can get it better next time.