Tuesday, April 06, 2010

In My Lamborghini

Z Factor - Fast Cars 1983

Beat Electric dropped some serious Chicago history yesterday, and that was this lovely little gem that even predates On & On, the record that many claim to be the first true house record. Jesse Saunders is known throughout the world for his many accomplishments, but Mayor Daley never gave him Dance Mania Founders Day as a holiday like he did Jesse Saunders and the Pioneers of House Music Day (July 17th). Pretty shocking that the later really happened ether, but talking out about Illinois government could get my internet shut off.


Anonymous said...

The Z Factor album was reissued on vinyl by Cititrax, last year I think. I got a copy, good stuff. You can definitely trace I knew Fast Cars from an I-F CBS show. You may also enjoy "I'm the DJ" for the novelty and "Fantasy" which is some definite proto-house.

Dave Quam said...

Yeah, I was thinking I-F too!

I used to have a bunch of his old CBS shows from this website that hosted hundreds of them, I believe it's down now. "Mixed Up in the Hague" was my fav.

I have a handful of records to post about that are proto-house, more intentionally sounding (yet still unintentional) than later disco ect. The Italo scene

I haven't heard that Z Factor album, I really want to especially since it's called "Dance Party Album". Thanks for those other recommendations I'm gonna look for those too.