Thursday, April 22, 2010

Se Me Mimi Meme

Flexman - Dill Dill Dill

Limb By Limb is one of the staple dancehall tracks of early bubbling along with anything on the Bam Bam, Murder She Wrote, or Fever Pitch riddims. It's shown up on like every 90s mixtape I've heard and the words Dill Dill Dill are littered throughout battle tracks. It chops up so nicely, almost tailor-made for the genre. I guess Cutty came through to a DJ Moortje show in Rotterdam back in the day only to get mad at the DJ for playing his song too fast. Pitching things up can be risky territory so it's understandable, but this is still a classic. If your not an audiophile this is a good transition from dancehall chunes to getting the dance floor weird, but unfortunately for those of you who are I only have this at a lower bit rate. Since it's such a straight forward remix it really wouldn't be too complicated to make your own version anyways.

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