Monday, April 12, 2010

I'm Ready

DJ Assault - I'm Ready vs Footwork (from Straight Up Detroit Shit vol 4 2000)

Don't be fooled because this isn't exactly straight up Detroit shit. This is straight up classic italo matched to Waxmasters footwork anthem, possibly requiring more than just sliding up the pitch control. Back before laptops but during the rise of ghettotech it's rumored that DJs would actually break open their Technics and solder in more powerful potentiometers to speed slower records up faster than the turntables could handle. I believe I even heard a story about somebody using a power drill to get the plates to spin faster or something ridiculous, but I can't seem to find my sources at the moment. In general these Assault mixtapes are good, with lots of surprises such as this one. I can't help but think about old Jeff Mills sets, done a bit faster.

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