Friday, April 16, 2010


DJ Pat Man - Wooo

Strangely enough, I have about 5 footwork tracks with the same title, all of which use a different sample but sound almost the same. Similarly looking into phonetics like the broad range of there's some ____ in this house, if you see em point em out, or When/my ____ , I______, __ ___ ___ and get excited, and other patterns in the ghetto house spectrum. Except with naivety of composition that results in the playful nature some of us tend to lean towards. If you liked the Killa E track I posted before, this is lush like the kind of sounds that get shoegazer bands wet.


Anonymous said...

wish these tracks like this were at least 10 times longer... any chance of getting more of a mixtape/set-length track of one of these dudes?


Dave Quam said...

hah, no, not really.

The few mixtapes I have are cd-rs that kids make, and I really don't have many of those even. And the tracks are pretty short on the mixtapes. I'd love sets from these guys, a lot of juke tracks even are pretty short.

I posted a short, but longer mix of DJ Trouble a few months ago check that out.

Anonymous said...

ha, that "longer" mix is 7.4MB. grabbing it though, thanks. commission one of these fools to do a 45-minute piece using one sample.

adrian said...

appreciate your work - introducing me to the footwork genre - thanks AC