Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Grisha's New Brazil Mix

Actually, my plan for this post was to show you how Tom Waits steals music from Burundi people. But that will happen next time, I hope at least.

What happened is, I saw one of those whacky Brazilian funk comps on my friend's MP3 player and as usual thought to myself "i can do better than that". I often think that when i see comps of Brazilian music from the 70s. But this time I was on my third night shift in a row, so I decided to finally do it.

Well, the main difference between my comp, and the others' comps, is that it is actually funky. Every fucking song is funky. Even the couple of songs that are not funk or disco and just have some some cool wah-wah in them are funky. And it's danceable. You can dance to these songs, if you are really bored. And when the just cool wah-wah stuff comes in, you can rest a bit.

The labels always choose dumb titles for all these kinds of comps, so i didn't name mine. Name it yourself. And i didn't work on songs' order much, so if the flow of the mix seems wrong to you, feel free to change it, though i advise to keep the opening and closing tracks where they are.

One last thing: i stole the image above from the cover of Bezerra da Silva's samba classic "Alo Malandragem, Maloca o Flagrante!". It's not funky, but it is groovy and it is from favelas. Check it out on the Loronix blog.

Man, my post are much longer than Dave's. I feel ashamed, hacking his blog like that.


Name It Yourself


vince said...

thanks dave! great stuff over here as well! I've also added you to my blogroll :-)

Kirby Fuckit said...

GRISHA = the Russian-Israeli King of Brazil

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Dave Quam said...

David why does your name link to bigsausagepizza?!