Tuesday, February 17, 2009

When I Die, I Want You to Play Cumbia

I have never read Cristian Alarcón's book as my Spanish isn't good enough but man do I plan on trying when it is. Fortunately I found the Bmore to BA blog, an Argentinan's journey to find his biological father, which touches up on Cristian's book and gives a more in depth look at the Villa Miserias (Misery Towns) of Buenos Aires, home to many Uruguayan and Paraguayan immigrants, as well as many Cumbia Villera bands such as Damas Gratis (Girls for Free), and Los Pibes Chorros (The Robbing Kids). Descriptions of the various scene kids of Argentina, fashion, soccer, and violence play a large part of the article, which was written almost 3 years ago. Unfortunately it doesn't look like this blog has been updated in a while, but luckily it's still up for all of us to read.

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