Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Golden Disco Dreams Pt.1

Disco Dream and the Androids- "Dream Machine" (Wake Up Records) 1979

Late Friday night/early saturday morning deep into a flu-induced fever dream i began to hear a faint machine hum whirring deep inside my head. A trepenated skull kick drum emanating deep from under the floorboards beneath my bed growing ever louder like some tumescent beast logged in the bowels of cavernous depths of my subconscious. Silence. Eyes flutter awake and i'm hurtling at an ungodly speed, night driving thru babylon in a silver ferrari. The landscape is parched and barren. Buildings decayed and overgrown with dead power cables and warped by large half-burnt and ash pocked sheets of mylar wrapped across it's concrete bosom.
A flash and the hum is louder, deafening. I'm moving through a sea of people dancing. A nude Bianca Jagger, nipples painted silver passes by on a white stallion with a giant spoon stenciled on its ass. Udo Kier wearing only a tight black turtleneck and spangled gold loin cloth leers at me and leans over to whisper in my ear. I can't make out what he's saying. It's vocoded. He leans back and purrs in polyphonic bliss and I can see the tiny Korg nameplate and shiny, obsidian oval on his throat. Tiny slivers of metal shavings trickle from his lips, his hands clasp a tiny keyboard the size of keychain. The hum dissipates and the song bursts the night sky like heat lightning from zenith to horizon. The floor spins beneath my feet. I'm standing bathed in sweat and glitter. A perfect wax facsimile of Edie Sedgwick purses it lips and blows a champagne bubble toward me. I reach out to touch it but it's no longer there. She hikes up her silver lame dress to her chest and this songs dislodges itself from her thighs and I pray that this is heaven and the line at the bar is reasonable.


Dave Quam said...

Thanks to the Virginia Rambler for this first chapter in the tales of white horses and white powder.

Anonymous said...

God damn if there were any justice in this world I could get on Amazon and buy a whole fucking book of this kind of raving lunacy.