Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Parris is Tarris

Parris Mitchell feat Reggie Hall - All Night Long (from The Parris Mitchell Project 12" 1995)

"Clap your hands if you wanna suck...". This is like the proto-Juke version of one of those bad 90s house records with diva vocals, though instead of some annoying Whitney Houston imitation we get R Kelly on an off day. Parris did a number of records for the Ray Barney era of Dancemania, the label now being resurrected by DJ Slugo and Dj Deeon. I am obligated to post this kind of stuff since it pours from car windows during my everyday routine. This probably means I need to throw up some Reggaeton too. There will be newer ghetto house posts, I promise. Been distracted by the roots of the tree at the moment.

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