Friday, February 27, 2009

Grupo Crap & Shit

Grupo Nectar - Corazoncito (from I don't know what album or year but it was a hit song once)

Another silly vandalized Wikipedia entry for a band whos story isn't so amusing. Grupo Nectar were a Peruana/Andean style Cumbia group who formed in Buenos Aires in 1994 that would reach great popularity before all being killed in a bus accident while on the way to a show in 2007. A great shame that made many Peruvians quite upset. This is very sugary Cumbia, especially this song which is listed as one of their most successful singles that I've even heard at a bar in Chicago. Oddly, my mp3 is marked as being from the Roots of Chicha collection, and while it is Chicha or maybe Neo-Chicha(?), it's a few years too late to be a part of that compilation.

Rest in Peace Grupo Nectar

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