Friday, February 27, 2009

Get Thee Behind Me, Satan

DJ Clent - Back Up Off Me (from Back Up Off Me 12" 2004)

Hurry up and blow weed smoke on your turntable before the duppy in this record escapes and breaks your jukin legs! This motherfucker pulls a number of sounds from the city of Chicago into one evil sounding record that DJ Elmoe and DJ Nate got to be fans of. The Dance Mania roots, the vocals pitched both up and down, the Westside Traxster sound, the adrenaline rush of getting stomped by a bunch of dudes in black hoodies, it's all in here! Clent is looking for 22 inch rims or better at the moment, and he just started a popcorn, sno cone, and mixtape shop down on far Southside called Jazzy Pops. Not too many people fucking with that!!!

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DialecticBricks said...

good looking out. yr cooking with gas, quam.