Saturday, February 07, 2009

It's a Party!

I have discovered that the best place for discovering new music (or one of the best, at least) is used vinyl stores. How can you pass a record with a cool cover by someone you never heard of, especially when it costs as much as a cup of ice cream at the near-by cafe (and you buy the ice cream too, later)? And you know, sometimes miracles do happen.

"More Authentic Acadian French Music"? An elderly bespectacled guy named Ambrose Thibodeaux? I admit i had no idea. But here's what Euguene Chadbourne has to say:

"Also known as Ambrose Sam, this Cajun accordion player was one of the leading exponents of Creole or la la music in the '50s and '60s, blowing out the doors in dancehalls throughout the St. Landry Parish of Louisiana. The appropriately titled Authentic French Acadian Music on the La Louisiane label collects many of his prime recordings. He continued performing well into his eighties and lives on as a musical presence in Cajun music in the form of his tunes, many of which are covered by artists such as Michael Doucet. The family itself is something of a musical dynasty. His brother, Herbert Sam Thibodeaux, was a sideman in his bands and Ambrose also played with his nephews in the Sam Brothers 5 band. Bassist Kenneth David is also a successful alumni of Thibodeaux's groups."

Well, I didn't know all this stuff then. And I never heard any cajun (that's what "authentic Acadian music" stands for, as i discovered by reading the back cover). So I put it on. And I bought it. Because it's awesome. Now you can hear it, too. Enjoy. It's a party.

Ambrose Thibodeaux - More Authentic Acadian French Music in Stereo (LL-119, year unknown)

P.S. Bill, an interned buddy of mine, pointed me to the La Louisianne website. They are selling their vinyl stock (including this one right here) for three bucks each. I say, judging by what we've got, it a great deal. I'd also guess, that unlike my copy, all that stuff is sealed and, therefore, is in mint condition. Here's the link: La Louisianne Records.

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