Sunday, July 05, 2009

The 12 days of Juke

DJ Deeon - The Season to Be (from P.I.M.P. 12" 1997)

Another edition of Ghetto House tracks about holidays. Here we find Deeon aka Debo aka Debo Bang aka Playground Productionz aka the dude behind the Sox Park Mob mixtapes decking the halls of the Robert Taylor Homes with some X-Mas synth cheer. An off-key, off-kilter, off-brand example of a DJ off his goddamn rocker due to heavy Chicago snowfall. Along with John Fahey's guitars of gay apparel one of the only acceptable holiday songs. When the fuck you would listen to this I have no idea, maybe another thing to throw on during one of your awesome closet parties were your friends can of Dust-Off and bottle of paint thinner were invited. Might want to try alone on Christmas with a stack of House records too.

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