Sunday, July 12, 2009

Toshiya Tsunoda on Field Recording

Over at Erstwhile Records founder and good friend Jon Abbey's Erstwords, the focus to form a collection of great writings on experimental and more notably improvised music is really coming together. Recently Japanese field recording artist Toshiya Tsunoda contributed a great write-up on why he does what he does, and it's connections to experimental music. If you don't know his wonderful Scenery of Decalcomania from a few years back it's best you hear it. Beautiful compositions with tiny mics that basically play themselves. Imagine listening to one of those "pure moods" enviromental sounds records if you had the hearing range of an ant.

Thanks to Jon for putting this one up and his wife Yuko for translating, and the two of them for taking me to the best Thai restaurant I've ever been to out in Queens.

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