Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Dial Tone House

I started this Chicago Ghetto House primer back in February but never got around to finishing it. It's like a 20 records you should hear sort of thing, all Chicago except for Whores in this House. It's possible that I might finish it, but I'm gonna go ahead and throw a few entrees on it up, starting with the first House record I know of that used the word BITCH.

Terry "Housemaster" Baldwin - The Bitch is Naggin Me(nag mix) (from 12" 1991)

The last thing anybody wants when your in the studio is some asshole's cell phone going off when your recording. In this case, Terry Baldwin just went with the flow, releasing a barrage of back stabbing raps while his ex-girlfriends kept leaving angry voice mails. An 8 minute long sound collage that's pretty much only for your own misogynistic pleasure, not for the dance floor. The alternative "Sap" mix on the 12" is definitely footwork friendly however, which almost has a Baltimore break going on. I'm all for this one personally, I fucking hate answering my phone. Don't call Terry, he'll call you.

Sorry that the rip is sorta screwed up at the end, wasn't my fault!

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