Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Juking in Japan

D'Kawa - Kurokin (DJ Deeon Remix) (From Kurokin 12" 2005)

I have a large interest in the impact that both Detroit and Chicago have made on the world outside of the states, especially looking at whether Techno or House music took the lead. Obviously plenty of producers in Europe have been buying imports and even putting out their own Midwest singles for years, but I guess my knowledge outside of a few countries on the mainland and the UK is pretty limited. D'Kawa is a very Detroit influenced producer from Japan who in this case has another add in a layer of Chicago sound to the mix. While comparisons to the Percolator are kind of tired and/or obvious when talking about Ghetto House, this remix sounds like the "Keep Movin'" mix of Kurokin. It came from the slums of Middle America, went to Japan and came back again. Like the blues, the British Invasion, the 1970s.

Been on vacation in Portland but I'm about to start things up big again very soon.

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